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We CAN Fill the Holes of Decay

(c) Tom Bonner Photography

(c) Tom Bonner Photography

Kamus + Keller recently united to design and build our 2015 Canstruction LA entry “We CAN Fill the Holes of Decay.” The team created an artistic symbolic piece targeting the social issue of urban decay as the result of both poverty and hunger. Constructed with over 4,000 cans of food, the sculpture displays gaping holes (representing poverty and hunger) at the base, while the upper levels were wider and filled with organic foods (representing the disparity in food quality between classes in the urban environment).  Taking just over 8 hours to construct, the Kamus + Keller team incorporated a variety of foods to create an interesting and impactful statement.

All canned food used in the Canstruction LA displays are donated to the LA Food Bank to combat hunger in the greater Los Angeles area.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our sponsors, Kamus + Keller core team and Kamus + Keller volunteers who generously donated time and resources toward this effort!

Sponsors:  Costco, Smart & Final, Blue Can

Canstruction Team:  Kristen Mays, Aaron Nicholls, Viktoriya Devicheva, Andi Laska, Jenifer Simmons

Volunteers:  Maria Rabina, Sheily Garcia, Aga Bachelder, Geoff Bachelder, John Kamus, Frederique Kamus, Susan Woller, David Keller, Jodi Israel, Alex Sanchez, Kathleen DeSiervi, Joey DeSiervi, Kaylynn Nicassio, George Nicholls, Eric Nicholls, Nick Nicholls

For more information about the annual event and to see the complete list of winners, please visit:   Announcing 2015 Winners for Canstruction LA Competition

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