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A New Home for Kamus + Keller Long Beach

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Kamus + Keller Interiors | Architecture (KKIA) has found a new home at the Landmark Square building at 111 West Ocean Boulevard.

KKIA, which also has locations in Downtown Los Angeles, Westlake Village and San Francisco, is a born and bred Long Beach firm, previously operating out of the Ocean Center Building and Catalina Landing. The 20-person regional office serves a varied range of corporate clientele from Orange County to West Los Angeles, including the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA), AT&T, and the Landmark Square building itself.

“While we’ve still got a month or so to go before all the little things are completely finished, our team is thrilled with the new space,” said Interior Design Director Cheri Bancroft. “It’s given us a shot of adrenaline, and has really reinvigorated everyone here.”

To learn more about the KKIA’s journey through the moving process, check out interviews with President|CEO David Keller, Interior Design Director Cheri Bancroft, and Senior Designer Karin Ross. And for more pictures of the work-in-progress space, visit KKIA’s Facebook page.